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Music comes through people we see, 

different environments we sit in, and even 

from deep inside ourselves.  All we have to 

do is tap in and listenThen  practice

My Name is Jodene Francis Hurt,

 and I am a self-taught artist that enjoys 

creating music for all ages. I have explored 

many different instruments through-out my 

lifeand each has  helpedthe other to

create a musical vocabulary.  Some of 

the instruments I have played are the 

clarinet, flute, bass, keyboard, shakers, 

and of course guitars.  I  often hear 

musical notes in my head when I am walking 

and dancing.  I  also hear them while sitting 

very still. This allows me to write

the gift of music.

When I create music to help myself and 

others.  I feel that when we care about each 

other miracles can happen and why not. Love 

is a beautiful thing.  Oh yes,  I have 

written about loneliness and hardships too.  

Mostly because I have been there off and on. 

  Expression and release are very 

importantfor us all in our healing process, 

so we can get the next pleasures in life.

I have become an owner of "Concept Sounds

& Productions", a multi-media center in the 

1990's.  I conducted 13 inter-changing 

music projects for 7 years.  I want to 

take this time to thank each and every

band that entered those hallowed halls.




you click on the  Utube videos to the


right you can hear my music


without going anywhere. 




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